15 June, 2018

With ambient temperatures in the low 30s, Friday at the Darwin Triple Crown saw action hot on the track and in the garage, as Tickford Racing’s quartet blazed through a flurry of adjustments and observations on a busy first day from Round 7 of the 2018 Supercars season.

Cameron Waters (No. 6 Monster Energy Ford Falcon FG X) led the team on the day, posting a fast lap of 1m06.66s in the second of two Friday practice sessions. Chaz Mostert (No. 55 Supercheap Auto Ford Falcon FG X) paced the team in the day’s earlier session at 1m07.13s, and while all drivers admit there are gains to be made, were reasonably comfortable with the balance and progress made throughout the first day of Supercars competition since May’s Winton SuperSprint.

Tickford Racing returns to the track Saturday with Practice 3 at 10:50 a.m. ACST, followed by Race 15 qualifying at 1:05 p.m. and Race 15 4:15 p.m.

No. 5 The Bottle-O Ford Falcon FG X
Mark Winterbottom
Practice 1: 18th, 1m07.28s
Practice 2:  17th, 1m06.79s

“It was a difficult day. We’re trying to get the car to do things and it’s fighting it a bit. I think improved a little bit in the second session, but with gains you find weaknesses. We just weren’t quick enough. I made  a meal of Turn 5 on my quick lap, and probably dropped a couple of tenths there, but around tenth to 12th is probably where we sat in that session, but it doesn’t feel quick enough for where we need to be. We’ll tune her up and go again tomorrow. We’ll try and fix the weaknesses and not lose anything that the car is doing well, so we need to do a fair bit of work. Thankfully that wasn’t quali and it’s not the race, so we’ll try and fix it for tomorrow.”

No. 6 Monster Energy Ford Falcon FG X
Cameron Waters
Practice 1: 19th, 1m07.31s
Practice 2: 12th, 1m06.66s

“Our day was okay. We tried a lot of things and just tried to get the car to do what we need it to do a little bit better. We ended up P12, and I didn’t really do the best lap so I think it’s okay. Obviously we have a little bit to find overnight, but the boys are doing a really good job and are working hard to find and cut our deficit to the front.”

No. 55 Supercheap Auto Ford Falcon FG X
Chaz Mostert
Practice 1: 14th, 1m07.13s
Practice 2:  18th, 1m06.80s

“It was a tough day. It’s always a tough day here, same with the tyre situation, it’s tough what we can bring here to run on, but I think we’re slowly making progress, but there’s a long learning curve to go. We’ll try and fast-track that as quick as possible, so we’re trying a lot of different things, some things good, some things bad. This track always requires things to be a little bit different than other places as well, so we’ll just keep trying really hard and go again tomorrow.”

No. 56 RABBLE.club Ford Falcon FG X
Richie Stanaway
Practice 1: 17th, 1m07.18s
Practice 2:  20th, 1m06.88s

“I guess the main thing for me today was learning the track, I’ve never driven a V8 here before, but it didn’t seem to be too much of an issue, I picked it up pretty quickly and seemed sort of close enough to where the car’s at despite the fact I had to learn the track today. Unfortunately we’re just lacking a bit of fundamental speed in the car right now. It doesn’t actually feel too bad, balance-wise. Obviously we can always make it better, so we’ll look into that and try to maximise what we’ve got.”

Tim Edwards, Team Principal
“Obviously we’re not where we want to be on the charts, but all of our cars made steady progress on the day and worked through some pretty big adjustments to chase down those missing tenths. We have a pretty good idea where we’re lacking and how to make up for it, so we’ll make more changes overnight and go again tomorrow. Fortunately the drivers are relatively comfortable with the balance of the cars, so we’re in a decent position, we just need to squeeze more gains out of them to get closer to the pointy end.”