Thomas Randle
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Thomas Randle

With his rapid rise and podium finishes, Thomas represents Tickford Racing's successful development and competitive edge in the Supercars arena.

Race Wins


Thomas Randle, born on 7th April 1996 in Melbourne, VIC, has rapidly ascended the ranks in the motorsports world, showcasing a remarkable blend of talent, perseverance, and technical savvy. Beginning his career in karting, where he notched up significant victories including two Australian Karting Championships, Randle's transition to car racing was seamless. By 2014, he clinched the Australian Formula Ford Series, setting the stage for a promising career. His journey through the racing echelons included impressive stints in open-wheel racing, such as winning the 2017 Toyota Racing Series in New Zealand, before making his mark in the Supercars Championship with Tickford Racing. Notably, his 2020 Super2 Series victory underscored his resilience, especially as he battled testicular cancer during this period. Randle's multifaceted life outside the track includes studying mechanical engineering and involvement in various sports, reflecting a well-rounded and dedicated athlete.

Racing History

Thomas Randle's motorsport achievements are a testament to his skill and determination. His career highlights include winning the 2014 Australian Formula Ford Series and the 2017 Toyota Racing Series, showcasing his adaptability across different racing formats. In 2020, he won the Super2 Series, further cementing his reputation in the racing community. Randle's Supercars career, marked by his debut in 2019 and full-time entry in 2022, has seen a steady rise, with his first podium finishes and maiden pole position coming in 2023. His journey from karting prodigy to Supercars contender illustrates a relentless pursuit of excellence.